The Chair’s research focuses primarily on three topics:

  1. Corporate governance issues, the composition of boards of directors and executive compensation;
  2. Social and environmental responsibility and stakeholder relations;
  3. The quality and usefulness of financial and non-financial information.

The Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair in Governance is on the lookout for the latest trends in corporate governance research. It regularly hosts students from the doctoral program in accounting at HEC Montréal, postdoctoral students and visiting professors to collaborate on large-scale studies.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of themes that have been addressed:

  • Gender diversity in corporate governance;
  • Board composition and corporate social performance;
  • Impact of stakeholder activism;
  • Specificity of family firms in corporate governance and social responsibility;
  • Quality of corporate governance and financial performance;
  • Executive compensation;
  • Impact of environmental innovations on the quality of environmental disclosure;
  • Disclosure on sustainable development;
  • Impact of governance on the enforcement of complex accounting standards.